The horrid conditions left by Hurricane Michael created significant challenges for many Florida residents, but none more so than seniors in skilled care facilities going without everyday necessities and at risk for medical care issues due to the lack of communications. We are thankful to Mr. Glidewell and his team for providing their BOOMBOX communications system.

Dennis BaxleyFlorida Senator - Florida Senate Healthcare Committee

For five weeks after Hurricane Michael, BOOMBOX technology solution provided a lifeline in the middle of a crisis so we could focus on our jobs and ensure the safety and care of our near 100 elderly residents, which is the most important thing to our staff and organization. From a business perspective, BOOMBOX prevented upwards of $500,000 in operational cash flow delays because we had connectivity and were able to submit billings on time.

Jeremy RymanSt. Andrews Bay Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation

In healthcare, the continuous delivery of quality care is critical, and Think Anew’s BOOMBOX solutions’ ability to enable long-term care centers to operate during natural and man-made disasters is not only remarkable but an absolute necessity. At Microsoft, this is why we do what we do – we build resilient, secure, and compliant platforms and services that enable our partners, like Think Anew, to deliver exceptional and life-saving solutions like BOOMBOX.

Hector RodriguezFormer CISO of Microsoft