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For physical, on-site needs, Think Anew readily provides for you and your staff to move data within your network quickly and compliantly. We configure and install high-speed cabling, custom server racks, and innovative layout designs to meet whatever your needs may be while remaining in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH. Our experts at Think Anew customize to fit every need.

HIPAA Site Assessments

HIPAA and HITECH compliance involves a multitude of items. We provide on-site HIPAA site assessments to determine a facility’s compliance. Our Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer comes to you to perform a thorough audit.

Data Storage

An excellent complement to virtual storage is the more traditional on-site server storage that puts your sensitive data just down the hall. Think Anew implements and manages these storage hubs, both virtual and physical, ensuring they are up to date, and accurately backed up should the unthinkable happen. We’re there when you need I.T.®!

On-premise Service

With many voices necessary for the diagnosis, treatment, and service of residents, Think Anew brings multiple devices onto a centralized network to connect everyone through voice, video and messaging. Our stable communication networks create swift and robust interaction between every staff member to make collaboration effortless.

Professional Installation & Maintenance

Your equipment is properly installed and maintained by Think Anew. We ensure operations continue so that your staff can carry out their daily tasks with caring for your residents. Your business communications and technology are in the hands of real people who genuinely care for your organization’s success and the care provided for your residents. That’s why we are long-term care and senior living’s trusted IT solutions provider!

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