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Think Anew, A ProCern Company is a leader in technology solutions for the post-acute care and senior living industries. We design, build, and customize products and personalize services to bring satisfaction to a range of customer needs. We focus on our customers, provide innovative, personalized designs, and always treat our customers as part of our team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be long-term care’s trusted IT solutions partner by consistently delivering excellent customer service while adapting to the needs of our clients. We will listen and learn from our customers, protect them, keep them compliant, and ensure they always have the most cost-effective and advanced technologies available. We will be responsive and prepared.

Why Think Anew?

Choosing Think Anew means you’re not just selecting an IT solutions provider, but you’re also partnering with a dedicated ally in the long-term and post-acute care industry. Our commitment goes beyond mere service delivery; it’s embedded in the very essence of our mission. With us, you get more than just a vendor; you get a partner who genuinely listens, learns, and evolves based on your unique needs. We don’t just offer solutions—we safeguard your operations, ensure compliance, and continuously search for cost-effective and innovative technologies that empower your business. Being responsive and prepared isn’t just a promise—it’s our mantra. Choose Think Anew, because we believe in building a future together, where excellence in customer service and adaptive solutions are not just goals, but our daily commitment.

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We set out to discover better solutions and technology for our clients. We provide only the best technology available while keeping costs down for our long-term care and senior living customers.


Our Help Desk team consists of engineers that work around the clock to ensure our clients receive only the best customer service. No third-party call centers! You connect directly to the source!


“Just satisfied” is unacceptable. At Think Anew, we do not have regular customers. We have raving fans!

A History Of Think Anew

Founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2007, Think Anew embarked on its mission to revolutionize technology solutions for post-acute care and senior living provider organizations. Starting with a deep commitment to addressing the unique needs of this sector, our journey has been marked by continuous growth, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in serving our clients.

Over the years, Think Anew has distinguished itself as a trusted partner in the industry, offering a wide range of services tailored to enhance operational efficiency and care quality. Our success is rooted in a culture of teamwork, innovation, and dedication to our mission.

In 2023, Think Anew reached a significant milestone by merging with ProCern Technology Solutions (formerly Absolute Performance, Inc.), broadening our scope and enhancing our capabilities. This strategic alliance has further empowered us to deliver comprehensive IT solutions and support, reinforcing our commitment to advancing technology in the care sector.

As we continue to evolve, our foundation remains steadfast: to provide leading-edge technology solutions that empower and uplift the communities we serve.


Customer Benefits


We create customized solutions to suit your long-term care or senior living company's needs individually.

Superior Customer Service

We're here for your support. Each request is nurtured with a personal touch as if it were our own.


We consistently improve security and accelerate new technologies as they emerge to better serve our customers' needs.

Client Focused

All Think Anew Teams go the extra mile to fulfill client needs and exceed expectations everyday.

Industry Expertise

Our team's experience in long-term care and healthcare technology is plentiful.

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The Talk

What are Think Anew clients saying?

The engineer that assisted me is sincerely an asset to your company. He was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!
Peter M.
I am consistently pleased with the IT professionals and their awesome service!
Sarah D.
Think Anew staff is always pleasant and professional. I have never had anything but amazing customer service.
Lacy S.