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PBJSNAP is a single submission solution for payroll-based journal reporting. It’s a SNAP!

Operations on a daily basis is complex enough. Submitting your PBJ doesn’t have to be. Visit us at

Think Anew, the trusted IT expert for senior care, is proud to offer the solution to assist in overcoming the Payroll Based Journal obstacles. Just three simple steps:


Take data directly from your payroll or staffing software and import it using our simple file upload wizard. It's that easy.


We'll validate your data to ensure it conforms to CMS requirements. We'll also assist you in correcting any issues that may be found.


Download your CMS compliant file. It contains everything you need for submission, no more work required. It's a snap.

The PBJSNAP Advantage

Cost Efficient

PBJSNAP allows one user to finish a task that can require up to two full time, dedicated employees to complete.

Simple to use

PBJSNAP allows you to quickly import your timekeeping, payroll, and census data by using our guided step by step process.


PBJSNAP helps you get it right the first time, every time. We'll make sure your data meets CMS requirements.

In the know

PBJSNAP will have the latest news from CMS so that you are always up to date with the latest changes.

Reliable & Safe

PBJSNAP is a cloud based solution that allows you to securely generate your required CMS files on time, from anywhere.


PBJSNAP connects you to your peers and PBJ experts with an integrated chat room service.