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What do we do? The real question is, what do we NOT do?

As your technology partner, we provide advice and expertise to your team with a roadmap, equipment, system integrations, access, and so much more! Not to mention, we continually support your organization for success.

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Service Desk Support

Managed Voice

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Service Desk Support

Real Support. Real People. 24/7.

We build relationships with our customers and honestly care for your staff and residents. We’re in this together.

Are you tired of waiting on hold or receiving a robot answering service?

Waiting on hold for technology support for hours on end decreases the quality of care provided for residents. The Think Anew Help Desk team comprises real engineers, EHR (electronic health record) experts, and senior care specialists. We understand the value of your care team’s time and always respond and quickly resolve technology challenges they may face.

From trouble with printing to log-in access, we are here for your support. It doesn’t matter how simple or complex the request is; we will gladly take it head-on. Did we mention actual engineers answer your phone call? No third-party or robot answering services. Only quality customer service, all the time.

Managed Voice

Secure Communication for Skilled Nursing Organizations

We admire what you and your staff do for our seniors and other long-term care residents. However, secure business communications are critical, and we provide HIPAA-compliant, reliable, and secure means of communicating – internally and externally.

We provide secure, HIPAA-compliant communication tools and services for optimal communication between your staff, providers, and extenders.

Our partnerships with top telecommunication carriers, vendors, and providers enable our delivery of simple and secure communication. Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution allows your staff to make voice calls anywhere without long-distance charges. Additionally, if your organization has multiple locations, simple extension dialing connects your team quickly, even when they’re miles apart.

Managed Cloud

Work Better Together

We’ve built our platform on the world’s most dynamic and trusted cloud technology, so you can focus on what matters most.

  • Craft better experiences
  • Gain better insights
  • Provide better care

Think Anew partners with industry leaders to empower long-term care and skilled nursing organizations with the virtual tools they need to deliver enhanced resident and patient experiences, create streamlined workflows, and reduce clinician burnout. Leveraging the world’s most groundbreaking technology, Think Anew gives providers the tools they need to become truly collaborative partners in their journey to provide the highest quality of care.

Empower Your Care Team

By integrating virtual tools along the entire care continuum, administrators help their staff to structure more efficient workflows, facilitate on-the-job training, and provide high-quality care to residents without sacrificing their own well-being.

Protecting Patient Data

With vulnerabilities at every point of contact – at the office and on personal tech devices- virtual health tools must be robust enough to stand against a wide range of threats to patient privacy.

Cost-saving Opportunities

Virtual tools can reduce unnecessary urgent care admission rates, eliminate travel expenses, and structure efficient workflows for clinical staff.

Agile Compliance

To comply with constantly changing global standards, our Managed Cloud solution undergoes regular third-party audits conducted by accredited assessors.

Unmatched Security

By providing complete control over your data, our Managed Cloud solution guarantees the highest level of protection for both patients and organizations against potential cyber threats.

Our work is ongoing to provide long-term care organizations with the best in scalable health technology. We innovate agile solutions so our customers can respond quickly to changing regulations and increasing consumer demands.

Managed Network

Secure and Compliant Network Environment

Most technology and communication tools are mobile now. The ability to chart, log, access information, print, and communicate from anywhere in your facility saves time and costs for your organization. Think Anew keeps your wireless environment safe and compliant to ensure your network is always accessible and staff user experience is beyond satisfactory.

On-premise Wireless

Many long-term care and senior living organizations struggle to provide an effective wireless network for their care teams. With Think Anew, you and your staff can access your network via local wireless access points and a centrally hosted controller to maximize care delivery. In addition, we’re here to keep your wireless environment safe and compliant to ensure your network is always accessible.

Multi-Site Ready

Not all care facilities are the same. That’s why our engineers analyze each facility’s needs so that staff can successfully fulfill their duties from a technology perspective. Multi-site organizations can collaborate seamlessly with unified network management across regions. Your care teams can still work together in real-time, no matter how near or far your facilities are.


Scaling to a shared wireless network improves costs with hardware and equipment. Your wired and mobile devices, printers, and other smart hardware connect to your network, which allows you to guard your information against penetration and cyber threats. In addition, your private network’s secure protection will keep root through password protection.

Layered Security

Think Anew provides virtual private networks (VPNs) for client facilities to enable staff to send and receive data across their shared network from anywhere. This is a secured mobile experience with your tools, communication, and information all located in the safety of your network.

Security & Compliance

Your data is precious. We protect it!

Your critical data is a portion of the most sought out information on the dark web. New threat arise daily, with hackers attempting to breach your network to gain access to your business’s operational and financial data as well as your residents’ personal health information (PHI). The key to your successful digital transformation is assuring your care organization’s online security is the best it can be all day, every day. Our tailored, end-too-end solutions offer comprehensive features and unparalleled intelligence across critical end-points in today’s mobile-centered and cloud-based world.

Identity & Access Management

Identity protection and access control to valuable resources such as PHI and financial information.

Data Safety

We meet compliance obligations, manage complex corporate data, and respond to security incidents.

Threat Protection

We sustain, presere, and improve your security to protect your staff's mailboxes against new, sophisticated attacks that arise daily.

Security Management

We manage security patches and updates for your network and improve adherence to data retention policies.

Intelligent Security Management

Our Managed Cloud solution guarantees the highest standards and guidelines for safeguarding patients and organizations against cyber threats while also giving you full control over your data.

Device Management

Which equipment is best?

With so many equipment options available in the market, how do you know which technology equipment is best for your daily operations and its ability to propel your organization to success?

You may spend hours researching and discussing your facility’s technology and equipment needs. But you don’t have to do it alone. Instead, think Anew engineers go on-site to examine and audit the needs and capacities of each location/facility. After the audit, we’ll present you with the best, most cost-effective, most compliant technology and equipment options. Together, we’ll decide what is suitable for your organization to succeed.

From the start, Think Anew engineers confirm that all security and HIPAA compliance measures are in place, from properly installing cabling to adjusting equipment features and settings. Following our professional equipment installation, we maintain your network, applications, operating systems, software, and hardware. Keeping them up-to-date, secure, and HIPAA and HITECH-compliant they should be. Our engineers work around the clock to ensure your security is always at its strongest. Worrying about your technology is a thing of the past when you have Think Anew at your side!

Hardware Equipment

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Kiosks
  • Scanners
  • Desktop Printers
  • Network Printers
  • Fax
  • IP Phones
  • Conference Phones
  • Wireless Phones
  • Desktop Video Phones
  • and more!!!


Modern Workplace Training

Modern ways of working are open and collaborative, allowing staff to work together securely from anywhere on any device. With your new modern workplace, we’ll show you how to use your tools, enabling you to get more of your work done, work better with your team, and meet organizational goals. In addition, we provide live training, videos, and other resources to give your staff the best experience with any transition.

Microsoft 365 Training

Our Applications Support Team guides staff through detailed training to help them navigate their environment. In addition, for any changes and updates to an organization's network, training will be provided.

Phishing Education

With provided alerts for reported phishing emails, we provide education to help staff understand the dangers of phishing and what to look out for. Think Anew also helps our customers better understand what and how phishing scams and attacks work.