Professional Services

We handle it all!

What do we do? The real question is, what do we NOT do?

We skillfully provide top-notch professional services for your organization. Our experts ensure everything onsite, and online is installed correctly, operational, and HIPAA-compliant. As a result, we help your long-term care or senior living organization deliver better care using customized technology.

HIPAA Site Assessment

On-Premise Service

Professional Installation

Professional Maintenance

HIPAA Site Assessments

Let’s talk about compliance to ensure you’re always protected!

HIPAA and HITECH compliance involves a multitude of items. We provide on-site HIPAA site assessments to determine a facility’s compliance. Our Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer comes to you to perform a thorough audit.

On-Premise Service

We come to you!

With so many players actively involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and service of residents, Think Anew brings the accessibility of multiple devices onto a centralized network to connect everyone through voice, video and messaging. Our stable communication networks create swift and robust interaction between every staff member to make collaboration effortless.

Professional Installation & Maintenance

We install! We maintain!

Your equipment is properly installed and maintained by Think Anew. We ensure your technology is running at optimum levels so your staff can efficiently carry out their daily tasks of caring for your residents. Your business communications and technology are in the hands of people who genuinely care for your organization’s success and the care provided for your residents. That’s why we are long-term care and senior living’s trusted IT solutions provider!