Skilled Nursing Opportunities and Challenges Post-COVID

It is significant for long-term care providers to stay ahead of new trends and opportunities while recovering from a pandemic. To successfully progress, organizations should take the steps necessary to thrive in a new era of growth and innovation. Skilled Nursing News conducted a study with C-Suite executives, revealing three trends shaping clinical excellence in skilled nursing. 

Embrace a Culture of Innovation 

Skilled Nursing News states, “change is the only constant in health care today, and nimble skilled nursing teams are using that notion to their advantage.” We agree and believe that SNFs should embrace a culture of innovation to make the jump to new opportunities easier. We are a managed service and technology provider for numerous LTC facilities. We provide our clients with advanced technology and innovative solutions. As a result, we notice how smoothly clients adjust to workflow changes and boost efficiency among their staff and operations. 

Executives can nurture a growing culture of innovation with clear communication, outstanding leadership, and collaboration. The right partnerships and technology can help with that by promoting an environment for growth while driving every aspect of the business. 

Refocus Attention on Clinical Practice 

According to the Skilled Nursing News study, regulatory compliance before COVID-19 saw that surveyor demands contradicted the methods and means clinicians originally learned to practice. The article mentions how the pandemic sparked a return to the core elements of the care process, which is a more grassroots approach to care driven by the basic concept of the clinical process. 

Technology should never dictate the nature and structure of your digital transformation, which could remove the direction of your clinical strategy. Instead, the right technology and tools help you achieve your goals and care-based clinical strategy, evolve your business model, and enable new capabilities. 

Prioritize Staff Care and Support 

Person-centered care for residents mirrors staff care and support. Unfortunately, COVID placed a heavier burden on SNF staff with limited resources and workforce shortages. For two years, SNF staff have been stretched as thin as possible. We must take care of the heroes caring for our residents.  

While on the path to recovery from the pandemic, SNFs can use technology to help fill workforce gaps and reduce some burdens on the workforce. For example, Virtual Intelligence for Better Execution (VIBE) can help leaders better manage their entire organization. You can view staffing, labor, census, clinical, accounts receivable analytics, and more! Detailed insights can help leaders reduce staff burnout and improve work conditions while improving residents’ quality of life. VIBE uses your data and provides a view of multiple points of your business using real-time and predictive analytics in a single platform. 

The pandemic has shown us how agile we can be and how the transition to a post-pandemic world may not be as scary as once believed. The future for LTC is bright, and Think Anew is here for all your technology needs.