TAMPA, FL (Mar. 6, 2023) – Since its’ founding in 2007, Think Anew ( has emerged as a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) services to the Long-Term Care Industry.  Last year, Think Anew joined the Absolute Performance, Inc. (API) family of technology companies resulting in additional investment in process, technology, employees, and enhanced service capabilities to its customers to further the provision of best-in-class patient care.

Stacey Yoakum, who has been the catalyst between customers, service delivery and company strategy for the past 9 years, is now assuming the role of President & Chief Operating Officer of Think Anew.

“I am thrilled about the investment and new initiatives in Think Anew and look forward to our next chapter of growth in services capabilities to our customers, and growth opportunities for Think Anew employees,” said Stacey.

Will Galloway, who has overseen Think Anew technology vision, architecture, and delivery of services for the past 10 years, has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer of Think Anew.

Will said, “For Think Anew customers, partners and employees, I look forward to continuing to offer enhanced world-class 24/7 managed services, help desk, and infrastructure services in my new role.”

Scott Schafer, CEO of the suite of end-to-end technology solutions providers which now includes Think Anew said, “We are excited to be expanding our commitment to the healthcare industry driven by Think Anew’s leadership and strategic momentum.” Based in Broomfield, Colorado, API is a leading provider of IT management services from Fortune 500 to mid-market and government across a wide range of verticals: