Your success depends on cyber readiness.

Author: Celeste Appleton

Online connection exposes us to cybercriminals. Every time we connect to the internet—at home, school, work, or on mobile devices—we make decisions that affect our cybersecurity. Emerging cyber threats require engagement from all of us to create safer cyber environments—especially within healthcare.

We want to enhance your understanding of cyber threats and empower your staff to be safer online. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. We each must do our part to keep your long-term care and senior living organizations safe. So let’s all take the simple steps to be safer online. It will make internet browsing experiences more secure for everyone.

It’s time for you to develop an actionable understanding of where to start implementing organizational cybersecurity practices within your organization.

It’s necessary to reduce your organization’s cyber risks because cyber risks can threaten:

  • Your ability to operate or access critical data
  • Your company’s reputation and trustworthiness
  • Your bottom line
  • Your organization’s survival

There are six vital cyber elements for building cyber readiness, which empower the management of cyber risks.

  • You
  • Your staff
  • Your systems
  • Your surroundings
  • Your data
  • Your actions under stress

We implement security measures and provisions to protect our clients. However, phishing occurs, and in most cases, the best prevention comes from the users knowing to identify and not click malicious links and attachments. It is our job to ensure that all Long-Term Care and Senior Living organization staffs have the knowledge they need for cyber safety.

We are now in the Digital Era, furthermore now than ever. That means that most of your operations are dependent on information technology. As users of your organization’s digital equipment and systems, you and your staff are essential elements of your organization’s cyber readiness. Therefore, it’s time to promote increased security awareness and diligence!

Does your staff need cybersecurity training to improve exposure to cyber concepts, terminology, and activities associated with implementing online best practices? Our Phish Tales Cybersecurity Awareness Education Series will help you and your staff develop a sense of awareness and encourage you all to make good choices online. Phish Tales teaches your organization’s employees about the risks of phishing and business email compromise by providing simple steps to take in identifying suspicious emails. Its design is simple to use with a more significant user experience. Dive into Phish Tales to learn about four types of phishing emails, how to identify them, and the steps to take to prevent phishing attacks.